Anxiety is a feeling of fear, dread , an emotion characterised by feeling of tension, worried with no clear justification and physical changes i.e increase in blood pressure. 

Many people experience more than 1 symptoms of anxiety and may experience depression too. 

What causes anxieties ? 

It can be caused due to  various factors such as family history or various health condition , personality factors, stress related issues , physical health problems and some other mental health conditions. 

There are different types of anxieties the most common anxieties are :- 

  • GAD (Generalized anxiety disorder) :- 

This disorder involves constant worrying over everyday things in life , it doesn’t have clear sign or symptoms . This chronic condition troubles in causing irritability , muscle tension as well as Sleeping. 

  • Panic Disorders. 

Core symptoms is recurrent panic attacks. Combination of physical and psychological distress. Some common symptoms are shaking , feeling detached, feeling of losing control, chest pain , fear of dying etc. 

Symptoms are so severe many people compare it with heart attacks , or other life threatening illness. 

This may also occur with depression or PTSD. 

  • Phobias :- 

This specific phobia is excessive and persistent fear of specific thing and generally not harmful. Patients know their fear is excessive but they can’t overcome it. 

  • Social Anxiety Disorder :-

Person has an immense fear of being humiliation , embarrassment and being criticised in everyday situation such as speaking in public, eating in public , traveling in public, making small conversation etc. 

  • Obsessive compulsive disorder:-

Person feel unwanted thoughts which may feel fear of anxiety. Person may acknowledge some silly thoughts such as fear of germs and contamination may leads to constant washing of hands.. 

  • Post traumatic Stress disorder :- 

This state of Anxiety happen when person experience symptoms as disaster, accident . Symptoms include upsetting in dreams , comforting , flashback of events, and avoidance of events. 

PTSD has symptoms for a month. 

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