We have all heard about meditation and its positive effects. But why do so few of us actually do it then? The minute you apply yourself to the need for meditation and its benefits to you, you would be surprised as to why you evaded incorporating meditation into your life all this while. 

So what are some of the benefits of meditating?

-Meditation helps you effectively manage anxiety, stress and depression. In fact scientific studies have shown that the part of the brain linked with processing sadness, anxiety and many other negative emotions shrinks in size. We live in a world riddled with stress-inducing activities like a hectic job, stressing over finances etc.

– Meditation is about your spirituality and getting more in touch with your inner self. Meditation is a calming exercise of the mind and helps you get you more in touch with emotions thus enabling you to be more in control of your emotions and thoughts. This helps in understanding yourself better and becoming a better person.

-There is nothing religious about meditation, although every religion incorporates some form of meditation into its practices. Keeping in mind that the primary aim of religions was to help bring order and meaning to their lives, incorporation of meditative practices only proves we the importance of it in everyday life.

-Meditation teaches you to be more ‘in the present moment’ than dwell on the past or think about the future. This practice makes you more grounded and happier simply because you begin to realize that you really have no control over something that happened in the past or over something that might happen in the future. To be truly present in the moment would mean you have no worries, because think about it; how can you be worried about something that is presently taking place? And that changes every moment.

-Meditation also helps in improving concentration and focus. It is sort of like training your mind to be more mindful and be aware of distractions so they don’t affect your concentration. It helps your mind stay sharp even as you age.

Do you need any more convincing? So buckle up and get your meditation mat out and start right away!


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