All of life is a gift:
So many of us have desires for our lives that begin: “I deserve” or “I must have.” We want what everyone else has. We ask God for very specific things. We want life to be somewhat fair.
Of course, it’s very human of us to feel this way. But if we don’t get what we want and a season of life turns out quite unkind, we so easily grow angry and bitter. And then angry and bitter some more.
Though I am not in this place right now, I know this bitterness of unmet desires and lots of “Why, God? Why me? Why is this my life?” complaints. And it’s miserable. Really, really miserable—especially if you just can’t seem to find your way out of it no matter what you do.
But for me, the tide began to turn after a recent bitter season when a friend gave me this nugget: All of life is a gift.
This nugget gradually worked its wisdom in and I realized that there’s nothing that you or I deserve in life. Nothing. All of life is a gift.
There is nothing that you or I have that we ultimately own. All of the best earthly gifts will one day pass away. And furthermore, If we say we’re followers of Christ, our very lives are not our own. We’ve surrendered them to a calling that is beyond what we see right in front of us.
For all of life is a gift. “Every good and perfect gift is from above.”
Value of Human Life:
Human life is truly a very precious gift. Each and every moment of human life brings us an opportunity. An opportunity to act to develop and express our virtues. Each moment opens the path to us to receive blessings. This is true that life gives us both positive and negative situations. What is really important is how we respond.
We have to face our problems in a way that our actions purify our soul. Our body is our temple. We should keep it a healthy vehicle for our spirit. Those who take away their life make their spirit fall. A great deal of negative karma adds to their soul. They break their oath to the almighty. Those who continuously react negatively to various situations of life, they put their health at risk. They also do not understand the value of getting a human life. When we do not follow the law of the spirit, problems look bigger than they actually are.
What to do when life’s tough:
When we hit the lowest point in our life, As humans, we should remember that it is the test of our strength. All we have to do is – one positive step to signify that we have the courage and will to not give up. Once we pay off our karmas and pass the test, our circumstances will change.
Remember, prayers are an important aspect of our life. They help us to resist temptation. Prayers guide us to put spiritual knowledge into action. Prayers nourish the soul. This word consists of the word ‘RAY’, a positive ray of light. When we pray, we experience a lot of inner strength to make the right choices in our day-to-day life.
Staying Positive in life
Do not be of the view that you are on this Earth to suffer. Yes, you have to pay your karmic debts. But your whole journey will still be joyous. Whenever we feel connected with the soul, we feel, “Everything is OK”. We find a reason to smile even in the face of adverse circumstances. We collect the ability to give a positive turn to every negative situation.
Whenever someone asks you, “How are you doing”, answer in affirmation Very well, Thank You. My health is superb. My wallet is full. So, Smile and the world will smile with you.
Trusting that all of life is a gift changes our prayers, our daily plans, and our responses to our worst-case-scenario realities:
For we can accept what we have (and don’t have) with gratitude.
For we can accept what we have without demanding that it remains in its current state forever.
For we can accept what we have with enjoyment—not “it would only be a little bit better if . . .”
So today, if you find yourself in a place of life where you could say, “This is not the life I want,” remember all of life is a gift. Gifts, you see, are meant for our pleasure, our edification, and our thanksgiving for what they are. And then are to be humbly given up when the time comes to pass them along to someone else.
“Live Life to the Fullest because we get life only once”


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