• Flowers are one of the beautiful creation of nature gifted to us which represents eternal joy and love. And when we see flowers around us it changes our mood it provides peace and adds a beautiful charm in our life. It brings liveliness and has a very attractive appearance which adds gracefulness in it.
  • They are very refreshing and florescence. Flowers are the symbol of love which we gift to someone in occasions of birthday, anniversary and weddings to show our blessings to them. And we share our happiness to our loved ones through flowers.
  • It is also said “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. This quote is said by John Keats to express the eternal beauty of nature which is given to us. Similarly flowers are the beauty that never perishes and have a everlasting effect. They represent charm in our lives and its essence gives a feeling of joy forever and our life becomes more beautiful and pleasing.
  • Flowers constitute a major importance in our lives. It acts as an element of medicine as some features of flowers are useful in the treatment of various ailments. It also acts as an element of food as some flowers are edible in species like broccoli and Cauliflower which adds food to our life.
  • Flowers have been the companions of the mankind since times immemorial. They have been the companions of man both in birth and in death. They have been a sign to a wide range of feelings, i.e., love, sacrifice, passion and reverence etc. We express our emotions through flowers.
  • And hence flowers are aesthetics in our day to day lives which gives calmness to our soul. Without flowers, the landscapes on this earth have not been that beautiful as they are today. And they make our life full of brightness and sweetness. And they are used to celebrate life.


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