Depression the word itself is shocking to hear. Well everyone suffers from depression as they go through some kind of state and they themselves don’t how to get outside from their mental state of mind. Some suffer depression because their heart got broken and they don’t have the capacity to endure it. Depression involves anxiety, over thinking, excess stress and endless mental pain where there is no escape but just to come up with yourself. When a person goes through depression he/she felt lonely, in a desolate state and they only seek one thing that is how to escape from this trap. And when they are not left with any endurance to hold it there seek only one thing for them that is to suicide.

Well suicide word itself is a kind of negative and full of despair. When someone hears this word there are full bundle of questions occur in their mind which are What! How! Why! How it is possible! That’s very shocking! And during this 2020 year where we faced lots of troubles, where we hear unexpected things happened around us. And Sushant Singh Rajput’s death yeah it is very frightening to say as one of the best leading bollywood actor committed suicide due to depression. Well when one hears it they don’t believe that it’s happened. It is true there is no idea what happens in the world of actor and actresses. We can’t even imagine things that what made Sushant to make commit this fearful act. He made such inspirational movies which gave a lesson to be successful no matter how many hardships occur in your way and to be faith in yourself. His one of the movies Chhichhore which provides a hope to live. Based on a suicide commit by a teenage person where Sushant’s role was to gave hope to that person to live and stand with yourself every time. He himself committed suicide in real. It was said that he was suffering from depression since six months and when this endurance become unbearable he did this act. Well Sushant Singh will be majorly missed and he will be always in our heart. Rest in Peace Sushant Singh. He placed a sense of motivation in our hearts that we can and we will go through whatever comes in our way.

Though he wasn’t able to endure his depression but at last I would say that don’t do the same mysterious and terrifying act which he did. We don’t know what is there in the actors world what lead Sushant Singh to do this act whatever it is when u are suffering from depression go to to your loved ones seek help from them. Talk and share what you feel to those who are comfortable with you and are understandable. Don’t over think much as it causes stress and can lead to negative thoughts. If u want to release your anger do shouting or screaming or running as this can make u feel good. Eat healthy food, drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Stay safe. 


Samay Sharma · June 19, 2020 at 12:53 pm

A great actor indeed he was :’)
Thanks for such posts😁

Kaitav Shah · June 19, 2020 at 5:17 pm

Good Content 🙂

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