Nobody in the whole wide world wants to be fat, short ,weak or ugly for poor and still most of the people can be categorised in these but does it matter . off course it matters as people are judged from their outer appearances and that is why they try to look good (which is subjective). They try various things to put up with the others who are comely in sight( on the inside) and whose demeanor is not so real.

If your life depends on what the other person thinks then it is a big problem because if you look at it from the practical world, then at least you are not attractive to look at, because you’re fat.

Truth be told, how you look matters very much. People say that what people say doesn’t matter ,but it does not matter. They say it is wrong because not every person is the same. Someone has less effect of the same thing, someone can have a lot. Not everybody is used to handle things emotionally, equally.

However, it is true that being fit or being fat is different in the eyes of each one. And this is a very subjective thing. If one person is fat and the other person is thin, then for that thin guy, the other one is fat, but if there are three fat dudes , they won’t say they are fat. As there is no specific measurement for being fit and fat.

If you look at it from the point of view of a partner, you may be obese or you may have many other mistakes, but if you look at from your parents perspective then you may have many other faults as well but they do not see them, so we can say that this It is a very subjective thing. And why not, who’s to decide here?

Then there is also one thing that being fat or fit it is completely in the hands of a man. If he wants to be fat then he remains fat. If things work according to his mind and if there is a job he does without any problem and he gets immense pleasure in doing that work, then he does not feel any problem to remain fat. If a person is blessed with all the happiness, if he is getting all that he wants, then why should he pay attention to his body..

Now if you will say from the point of view of health that it is bad to be fat, and  yes all doctors say that obesity is a disease and many diseases arise from obesity itself

Now, what is fitness? Can a person be fat and still be called fit. Yes, this is a fact. Being fit is not just that your body looks like it looks like you are a wrestler or  You got a six pack abs. Fitness also has its own importance and criteria. It changes from feilds to feilds .

If a person is unable to run does not mean that he is unfit. Really can do things that a normal running person cannot do. But this tells us that even though that person is unable to run, in other places,Even though that person is unable to run, in other places he is capable of many times that person. Unfit is not only the accumulation of excess fat in the body, it is not only mental and social and behavioral qualities are also included in it.

But in general body fitness is important. But don’t do it for the people out there. They always lust after something. And you don’t want to be their bait. Just like smoking, we know it’s bad , same is the obesity. But it’s all about choice. Smoke it out if you wish or work out.


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