Claustrophobia is the hatred for crowded places or just simply crowds. Often these people have the intense need for personal space and keeps away from activities that would bring them in contact with a large mass of people. They dislike intense relationships and almost always leave when a relationship becomes too intense, be it just friendship or a romantic one.

What is the severity of this condition?

Many people have this tendency that is not harmful and can even be  even seen as a normal characteristic of an introvert. But at times, this trait gets so severe that it simply goes beyond the scope of ‘simple’ and becomes borderline personality disorders. Such people cannot be in any kind of social situation and feel very inadequate about themselves. This sentiment is mostly progressive, and the more situations you face that make you feel that you don’t belong, or make you feel inferior to the rest of the people there, the more you tend to feel worse about yourself, and consequently less and less confident about yourself and hence avoid all sorts of social contact altogether. Individuals undergoing severe depression also begin to display this sort of behavior. If your family or friends start to display such characteristics, do make sure they are not depressed, or make sure you involve a professional who can better evaluate the situation.

In milder cases, this can be overcome with trust and security. If the person completely trust a certain person and feels absolutely secure in the other person’s company, they start becoming more and more comfortable with that particular person. They may start opening up and looking forward to spending time with these individuals.

Can this condition be treated?

As most other mental conditions, there are ways to treat this phobia. Over time, therapy and other activities can show a marked improvement in the person’s overall outlook as well as social behavior. Social skills training can help a great deal with this. It teaches socially impaired people essentials skills to be an active part of a social situation. Skills like improving eye contact, speech style, body language, and how to improve confidence of one self. 

Always treat such people with utmost consideration and respect, and never tease them or make fun of them, keeping in mind these people have difficulty in coping with situations that may seem very normal to us. 


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